We are pleased to announce the formation of the Technology Science Research Collaboration Network. This is our next step after successfully launching the Technology Science publication.

As editors of Technology Science, we are more than 50 researchers and educators at a variety of universities that undertake research with students aimed at better understanding the way in which new and emerging technologies impact public interest issues. Over the next 18 months, the Research Network will engage with civil society and government agencies to articulate problem statements that seem solvable by researchers. We expect to produce scientific facts and document relevant experimental results that will provide new insights for the media, policymakers, and the broader public about the ways technology impacts civil society. Possible topics range from consumer protection to criminal justice, elections, employment and gender issues.

Thanks to support from the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and other groups, we have resources available to help researchers, educators and students tackle these tough problems.

We will:

  1. Host workshops and a seminar series that connect civil society and government agencies with researchers interested in addressing public interest issues
  2. Maintain a repository of research problem statements that if solved would be relevant to civil society
  3. Provide resources to those engaged in solving these problems
  4. Generate a set of papers reporting experimental results relevant to civil society.
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