Summer Research Fellowship 2020


The Technology Science Team, led by Harvard Professor Latanya Sweeney, is hosting a summer research fellowship to work on projects that explore and expose the unforeseen consequences of technology. Fellows will work with Technology Science researchers tackle problems in the public interest such as privacy, political advertising, elections, re-identification, and discrimination.

Former Technology Science fellows and students have successfully identified vulnerabilities in voter registration websites, helped change Facebook’s data collection policies, pushed health insurance companies to examine their reporting requirements, and exposed the “Tiger Mom Tax” from Princeton Review’s SAT tutoring service. Check out the Journal of Technology Science for more information.



As a Summer Research Fellow, you will have the opportunity to work on the following projects:

  • Build a Wi-Fi based contact tracing solution for a university campus

  • Create a voter registration monitoring service to help voters in the US learn about unexpected changes to their voter registration

  • Study the accessibility of voter registration websites



Basic qualifications:

  • Strong academic background in undergraduate or graduate studies

  • Basic social science knowledge (e.g. economics, political science, sociology), public policy, statistics, or computer science

  • Ability to work independently and in team settings

  • Strong communication and writing skills in producing research reports

Other qualifications for specific project needs:

  • Previous research experience in data collection and analysis techniques from coursework or employment. Students without prior research experience may also apply

  • Programming knowledge in data analysis, visualization, web scraping, and web design (any language)

We highly encourage students from underrepresented groups and minorities to apply. Unfortunately, we currently cannot accept international applicants who need visa sponsorship, but please contact Jinyan Zang ( if you have any questions.


Logistics & Compensation

  • We offer a stipend of $5,250 for the 10-week program.

  • Summer Research Fellows should plan to work for the 10 weeks between June 15, 2020 – August 21, 2020.



We are no longer accepting applications. Please check back next Spring for more research opportunities with Technology Science.